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Work-related Injuries

Speed up your employees' recovery from work-related injuries. We provide your injured worker with prompt and safe medical care that permits a quicker recovery and return to work. Our program is tailored towards each employee. We work with you as the employer to easy the way for you and your employees to navigate the workers' compensation program with minimal business and job/wage interruption.

Competitive Low Cost Physicals

We provide Pre-employment physicals, ADA and EEOC . We even perform these through our fast and efficient ephysical portal for selected workers.

DOT/CDL Physicals

Our DOT medical examiners are knowledgeable in Federal regulations thus preventing your commercial motor vehicle drivers from being unnecessarily disqualified.

Drug Testing

We join with you in creating and upholding a drug-free workplace.

Telemedicine Consultations

We now offer telemedicine consultation for you and your workers convenience. Currently in development.

Travel Medicine and Vaccinations

We perform pre-travel vaccinations and medication prescriptions to help you stay healthy while away, plus you can reach us for advice from wherever you go.

Fit Testing

We perform quick and safe respiratory fit testing.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Let us help you screen out life threatening conditions so you can heal quickly and return to work to avoid lost wages.


Performance Testing

We quickly identify those issues in workers' health that may limit their performance abilities.

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